Ehrich Psychological Services
Brian Ehrich, PsyD. LP

Love,   Work,  Play  captures the domains of human life that are meaningful and sometimes challenging for each of us.

Love  is about relationships, the challenge to know self and know others deeply.

Work  refers to human features such as planning, struggle, uncertainty, discipline and waking to talents.

Play  references human abilities such as imagination, creativity, competition, and self-discovery.

The unfolding of your life is complex; many factors can disrupt your striving.  In my private practice, I offer you a place and experience where respect, honor of person, discovery of self, and waking to your resources blends with the science and standard of practice of psychology.
The Human Person

Each of us is a unique, self-contained entity inherently striving to become more of who we are.  Talents and personal history provide unlimited resources for growth.  The human person is both body and spirit requiring understanding of each and care for both.