Frequently asked questions

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    Is there a difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist ?
    A psychiatrist is an MD who specializes in mental health. Psychiatrists are experts at sorting out medical issues & managing complex psychotropic medication. A psychologist in Minnesota can hold a Doctorate or a Master's degree. Psychologists are experts in psychotherapy, consultation, & testing.
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    What do I look for in a therapist ?
    Professionalism, education, experience, location, and the right "fit" where difficult issues can be addressed & worked through.
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    Why are there so many types of therapy ?
    There are many ideas about the etiology (cause) of mental health issues. Thus, there are many forms of treatment. A professional should discuss with you types of therapy with possible strengths & limitations to each.
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    How does talk therapy help ?
    A human person is unique with individual understanding & experience of life. Talking in a therapeutic setting often stirs thoughts, emotions, intentions and action which can lead to change & feeling better.